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Another hard landing...or a sunken plane?

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

2018 has not been a successful year when it comes to aviation safety, with the deadliest air crash this year being the downing of an Algerian military jet which claimed the lives of 257 people, followed by a Cubana de Aviacion 737-200 which plummeted into the forest just after take off, killing over 100 people. Well, it seems like another fatality (yes, only one) has been added on to this long list.

On 28 September, an Air Niugini Boeing 737-800 was landing at Chuuk Airport, Micronesia on runway 04 at 10:10 local time when it undershot the runway and ditched on the adjacent lagoon. All passengers on the plane were able to evacuate safely, except for one unfortunate passenger whose body was uncovered by divers on October 1.

Passengers thought they had a hard landing at Chuuk Airport when the aircraft touched down. What they didn't realize was that they had not landed on the runway, they had touched down on water.

Air Niugini adds that there was reduced visibility at the time of the accident. The aircraft, P2-PXE, was built in 2005 and was a leased plane. Aside from the fatality, there were 4 other passengers with serious injuries whom all had to be flown out for treatment.

P2-PXE half-submerged in the water. Credit: Business Insider

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