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How cargo flights have taken over the world

With the COVID-19 pandemic in full force, airlines around the world have described it as nothing short of a nightmare. With their expected passengers now having to isolate themselves at home, travel has taken a beating. However, all is not lost for airlines, as what was once thought as a secondary sector for most of them is now their leading source of income: the cargo sector.

With essential supplies running low due to their high demand, cargo operations have been of the essence for airlines, utilizing their cargo fleets as much as possible and even converting some of their biggest passenger planes into temporary cargo planes.

Even a year into the pandemic, cargo flights are still super important as they are helping ship vaccines to all parts of the globe. For example, in December 2020, Emirates shipped crates of Pfizer vaccines from Brussels to Dubai in a historic flight.

However beneficial cargo flights have been during this past year, it's dominance is going to be short-lived as passenger demand rises back up and more people start giving vaccines, leading to converted aircraft being refitted for passenger service. However, it is still unknown when the shift in operations will occur. When do you think the number of passenger flights will reach pre-pandemic levels? Comment down below!

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