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No Airplane Meals Anywhere Else, Until 1987...

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Airplane food is widely disputed over whether it tastes good or not. Well, it depends on the airline and class you're flying on. For example, business class meals definitely look and taste a lot better than economy class meals, with business class food being designed by renowned chefs and being immaculately presented. But what if I told you that you can make the same scrumptious business class meals at home? Economy flyers, are you interested now?

Back in December 2018, United Airlines launched a cookbook which included more than 40 recipes of food which is found in their flagship Polaris business class. This means that for $30 anyone can enjoy business class meals without having to pay a business class ticket to eat them!

The United cookbook, which is currently available in their shop. Credit: Johnny Jet

United is actually not the first airline to implement this. It started all the way back in 1987 when Delta decided to compile recipes of first class meals written by their flight attendants, hence why the article's title includes 1987 instead of United. Southwest's idea of one also took off in 2006. These two are unfortunately not available as of now, while United's cookbook can be easily picked up at their online shop.

Believe it or not, this was Delta's take on a cookbook in 1987. Credit: Amazon

Southwest's rendition for an airline cookbook in 2006. Credit: Amazon

I definitely was not expecting airlines to venture into the culinary industry, but here we are. I wonder what they will do next, open up a clothing line? It's great to see airlines branching out and do more than just transport passengers, and it will be interesting to see what direction they go next.

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