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Why is the Airbus A320neo the best selling plane?

The Airbus A320neo is on track to becoming the best selling aeroplane of all time. With its improved performance and fuel efficiency, it's no wonder that airlines are clamouring for this updated model. So, why is the A320neo so popular? Let's take a closer look.

To start, the aeroplane is extremely fuel-efficient, meant to be the future of any airline's fleet. With fuel prices gradually increasing over the years, the A320neo's "sharklet" wingtips and highly efficient CFM LEAP International 1A engines not only save airlines a lot of fuel costs but also make the skies cleaner and greener. Given that the plane is meant to be used for short to medium-haul routes, the neo has a very low operating cost which makes it easier for airlines to buy the jets in the hundreds.

However, the aeroplane can step up to the task of longer flights, if needed. With a range of 6,300 km, the jet can comfortably fly transatlantic or transcontinental routes, the longest flight being between Moscow Domodedovo (DME) and Blagoveschensk (BQS) at a block time of 8.5 hours. In fact, the airline operating this route, S7 Airlines, frequently pushes the limits of the A320neo's range as it flies 9 of the 10 longest flights currently in operation by the aircraft.

Secondly, the aircraft has been praised for its comfort and cabin features. With the new Airspace cabin introduced by Airbus, the A320neo has the widest single-aisle cabin in its class, coming at 3.7m compared to the 3.53m of the 737 MAX 8. The neo is perfectly capable of supporting lie-flat seats for longer journeys, which carriers around the world have already implemented. Customizable mood lighting also helps create a serene setting and reduce jet lag.

Last and definitely not least, the A320neo has had a stellar safety record, with no reported hull loss accidents or fatalities in its decade of service. Fortunately for them, that's helped their orders significantly rise during the past 3-4 years as orders dried up for their main competitor, the Boeing 737 MAX, for reasons that I'm sure everyone that doesn't live under a rock would know. These reasons, compared with the fact that the neo was launched a year earlier than the MAX helped them gain a bigger advantage over their manufacturing rivals.

The Airbus A320neo is the best selling aeroplane of all time for a number of reasons. It's fuel-efficient and has a low operating cost, which makes it perfect for long-distance flights. It's also very comfortable for passengers, with plenty of legroom and storage space. And finally, it's been praised for its high level of safety and reliability. If you're looking for an aeroplane that will make your next trip more enjoyable, the A320neo is definitely worth considering!

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